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Passion Blue
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Passion Blue
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Passion Blue
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Color DNA
Hand Crafted
Eco Commited
American Made

A successful company must be excellent at something.

Big Vista is excellent at color.  It is our passion, and it is at the core of our DNA.

As designers, dyers, and printers of our own product, we immerse our hearts and hands each day

in the potential of color.  We have spent years developing our own dyeing techniques, and in the process,

we have crafted over 100 unique composite colors.  Rich, amazing colors like Turquoise Clay, Indigo Bronze,

and Rainbow Black.  These dramatic garment colors also become the canvas for our hand-printed art and graphic

designs.  Our printers spend long hours to find the magic within our manual and antique printing presses.

We obsess over the perfect inks and techniques, imparting image to fabric in thoughtful harmony.

We hope you will follow, support, and join with our brigade of artisans 

as we find the potential of color and ourselves. 

It would be much easier for us to have our products made in China, dyed by the thousands in India, 

and printed with heavy plastic inks on giant automatic presses.  It would be cheaper, too.  And for many

people and many occasions, this method works just fine.  At Big Vista, we find no joy in that approach.

We love what we do.  We like to make clothing that is as unique and interesting as the people who wear it.

We cut and sew all of our fabrics by hand.  We try, try, and try again until we master the perfect dye color.

We impart color to our garments by hand, and can't wait to see the results every single time.  Most of our graphic

artwork is drawn by hand.  We reverently use manual printing presses to hand print every layer of color

in our graphic tee designs.  We are designers, artists, worker bees.  We make stuff.  Cool stuff.  By hand.

Much of fashion can be a dirty business.  Worldwide, the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter behind big oil.

In countries where most of America's clothing is produced, billions of gallons of fresh water are used to dye fabrics,

and it is then released as wastewater into the rivers and oceans.  At Big Vista, one of our main focuses has been

to develop a range of colors that are both beautiful and friendly to the environment.  Throughout our collection, we

are proud to offer a range of Eco-Committed colors that were hand dyed, using less than one cup of water,

with zero wastewater created from the dyeing process.  

Big Vista brand clothing is made in the U.S.A.  We hope it always will be.

The fact is, 97% of all the clothing purchased in the United States is imported.  Most clothing companies

have chosen to compete by making their products in other countries, heavily focused on lower retail prices.

That is not such a bad thing, but along the way, our country has lost so much of what built our great nation.

We believe that we can still be a country that "makes things" as well as a country that "buys things."

We also believe there are people who recognize and appreciate the value of

truly unique, handcrafted clothing that is still made in the U.S.A.

We create for those people.

Big Vista Tahoe Mens