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Who is Big Vista?

Big Vista is a collective of artisans with a shared love of art and adventure. Each member of the team specializes in what they do – and loves doing it! All of us are on a mission to create beautiful, wearable works of art that represent our love of adventure, with the highest regard for the environment in the process.



Much of fashion can be a dirty business.  Worldwide, the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter behind big oil. In countries where most of America's clothing is produced, billions of gallons of fresh water are used to dye fabrics, and it is then released as wastewater into the rivers and oceans.  At Big Vista, one of our main focuses has been to develop a range of colors that are both beautiful and friendly to the environment.  Throughout our collection, we are proud to offer a range of Eco-Committed colors that were hand dyed, using less than one cup of water, with virtually zero wastewater created from the dyeing process.

Epic Illustrations

Here at Big Vista, we strive to be unique. We begin by illustrating our own epic artwork. We wanted to create something beyond the cookie-cutter graphics that are so common. So we broke the mold. Each of our designs are created in-house, exclusive only to our brand.


Featuring The Best of America

At Big Vista, we love adventure. We love to travel and explore our own backyard that is America. It only makes sense we develop artwork that represents this passion. Featuring our National Parks, State Parks and many more epic stops along the way, each of our original artworks is illustrated to capture the essence of that place. Join us in discovering the beauty America has to offer. Roam free. See the country and wear the views. That’s what Big Vista is all about.


American Made

Big Vista brand clothing is made in the U.S.A. We hope it always will be. The fact is, more than 95% of all the clothing purchased in the United States is imported. Most clothing companies have chosen to compete by making their products in other countries, heavily focused on lower retail prices. That is not such a bad thing, but along the way, our country has lost so much of what built our great nation. We believe that we can still be a country that "makes things" as well as a country that "buys things." We also believe there are people who recognize and appreciate the value of truly unique, handcrafted clothing that is still made in the U.S.A. We create for those people.


Individually Hand-Dyed

Every Big Vista garment has been meticulously and individually hand-dyed to produce truly one of a kind results. We have spent years developing our own dyeing techniques, and in the process, we have crafted well over a hundred unique colors. Our extensive range of colors is part of what makes us so unique.


Breathable, Water-Based Inks

Big Vista graphic tees are screen-printed using water-based inks, which are friendly to the environment. The result is a crisp image that is super-soft to the touch and doesn’t affect the breathability of the garment. Water-based inks are also long-lasting, unlike heavy plastisol inks that crack and flake away after many washes. Think of it like face paint versus a tattoo; the face paint is heavy and will start flaking away fast, while the tattoo basically becomes part of the skin and lasts forever. The water-based graphics are like a t-shirt tattoo.



We use the phrase “color-obsessed” a lot at Big Vista. It applies to our dye technicians, who conduct countless experiments to develop only the absolute best color formulas. It also applies to our screen-printing technicians, who mix each ink color by hand, making any necessary adjustments until the image is exactly right. And it often applies to the people visiting our storefront, supporting our brand, or reading our online bio – yep, I’m talking to you. Be color-obsessed with us.

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